Vision: 180


“Vision: 180” for Lake Norman Christian School


“180” in Academics: It is our goal at LKNC to raise our standardized test scores by an average of 180 points. This is a daunting yet reachable task. We have accomplished the first step of this process already by investing in a solid curriculum that focuses on mastery of important concepts. By achieving mastery in mathematical concepts, incorporating the use of mathematical tools, restructuring some classes, and refocusing our emphasis on critical thinking, comprehension, and writing, we will see an increase in our scores that may very well surpass even the 180 point goal set. Be looking for an increase in intentionality in all arenas of academics next year. We will continue our focus on critical thinking and reading in our elementary grades, incorporate the PSAT into our 8th grade class, add SAT Prep courses for our high school students to take during elective hours, and add plenty of opportunities for dual enrollment as well as AP courses.

“180” in Population - We would like to remain a smaller school, with great student to teacher ratios, while at the same time being good stewards of our resources by having classes that are at capacity. One hundred eighty students would put us at an optimal size, while retaining our low student to teacher ratio, so that our school can benefit through academically competitive classes, well populated fine art and athletic arenas, and the financial requirements necessary to meet our needs. Ideally, while admittedly still in the planning stages, we’d like to add to our sports programs a boys' soccer team, girls' softball and basketball, and golf teams, and to staff those teams accordingly.

“180” in Spiritual Focus: Each morning our students say three pledges: to our Nations Flag, our Christian Flag, and our Holy Bible. As the pledge to the Bible states, “I will hide it’s (God’s) Word in my heart”, we want to do exactly that. It is our goal that by the time a child graduates (having been here from kindergarten through the twelfth grade) they will have memorized and retained 180 Bible verses. These verses will be reviewed each year for retention purposes. Although, throughout their lifetime, a student may not have immediate access to written Scripture, it is our goal that they have it embedded deeply in their hearts and be able to recall it at any time, benefiting them for the rest of their lives.

“180” in Christian Service: True Christianity is about exhibiting the love of God through serving others. LKNC will provide its students (and parents) ample opportunity to love through service. Along with the increasing of our academic achievements, athletic opportunities, student population, and embedding Bible verses in our hearts, we will also incorporate service hours to be completed by each student. As a result, any student graduating from LKNC who has been with us since kindergarten, will have accumulated more than 180 hours of community/school service.

“180” in Finances: One of our long-term goals is to purchase land to house a future school property, belonging to Lake Norman Christian School, and have that property to house all required athletic facilities for our students and families. As part of our “Vision: 180”, we will start focusing a percentage of money each year to save for our future facility complexes while continuing to ensure that we are investing in our students and teachers to facilitate an excellent environment here at LKNC.