Curriculum Overview

Comprehensive, Bible Based Curriculum

Students at Lake Norman Christian School are educated to enter the world fully prepared as both learners and contributors.  Beginning in kindergarten and continuing through high school, our goal at LKNC is to produce students prepared for the next stages of their lives, academically, spiritually, socially, and emotionally.  A student that graduates from LKNC will be college ready and beyond, capable of using his or her gifts to impact our world. We use a carefully-selected, well-planned curriculum from Bob Jones University Press that encompasses all the academic material necessary for a rigorous, advanced education supported by the latest in educational technology while promoting Christian values within our school environment and beyond.


Our Curriculum Encourages:

    • An intimate knowledge of God through a multifaceted, interdisciplinary approach centered on God as our Creator and Jesus Christ as our Redeemer;
    • A multicultural, Christian oriented worldview that appreciates all humans as image bearers of God and, therefore, worthy of love and respect;
    • Personal responsibility to God, to the Lord Jesus Christ, and to the Gospel
    • Community responsibility through love and service to others
At LKNC, we seek to provide a learner-centered environment where students are encouraged to think critically, creatively, corporately, and individually while being both led and supported by Christian educators who employ proven, effective teaching methods in ways that model Christ-likeness. Our staff work hard to provide an inspirational, wholesome, Christ-centered environment that produces students prepared to be excellent in all areas of life.