LKNC Women's Athletics Main Page

The Lake Norman Christian School Athletic Department realizes that sports, specifically competitive sports, assist students in developing intellectually, socially, physically, emotionally, and morally.  Therefore, we at LKNC, have a competitive program that is consists of developmentally appropriate physical activities for students of all ages.  In LKNC Athletics, our goals and vision go beyond that of just competition and trophies.  We offer our athletes an opportunity to excel in each of our sports at the highest competition level possible while encouraging, modeling, and supporting Christ-like character in every situation.  LKNC Athletics are provide our athletes the privilege to honor God with their time, abilities, and talents both on and off the competition stage. 
LKNC has a tradition of excellence, not only athletically, but academically, spiritually, and socially. Our formal teams, which consist of students in grades six through twelve, complete within the Carolina State Athletic Association.  We offer club participation for younger students.  Please peruse our Women's Sports Teams by selecting from one of the links at right.