Student Care: College and Career Counseling

Applying to college can be a daunting process in which parents and students are plagued with questions as they plan for the next stages in their lives.  Discerning the road to graduation and beyond is distinctly related to a student's spiritual growth and development.  Lake Norman Christian School adopts a three-fold approach to planning for the future:
  1. Counseling: Students at LKNC are invited to counsel with our qualified, Christian academic counselor, Mrs. Lynn Claunch, as a resource for intentional, prayerful direction towards maturation as a student as well as an individual as they consider the following questions:
      • What is God's plan for me as a student?  
      • How can my plans best glorify Him?
      • What colleges offer programs that will best support those plans?
      • What should I possess as a qualified college applicant?
      • How can I best prepare for standardized college entrance exams?
      • What are my options concerning early action, early decision, regular admission, and rolling admission?
      • How do I apply for scholarships and financial aid?
  2. Campus Visits - Annual college field trips are available that allow our students to tour college campuses, listen to information sessions, consult with current students at the college, and experience campus life.
  3. Class - Throughout their high school careers, as part of their Bible instruction, students are visited by numerous college admissions representatives who present our students will a snapshot of what their college offers.  These presentations include course and program offerings, special enrollment offers, and the opportunity to request more information from the representatives themselves.