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I was pumping gas into my wife’s car not too long ago and a friendly lady was asking me about the decal on our car. We talked about schools and she told me about her children, where they went, and why she sent them there.  Then she asked me a great question. Why do you send your kids to LKNC?  Not knowing that I am employed by the school, the simple answer would have been “because I work there.”  And I could have talked about location, small class sizes, great teachers, a good curriculum, and the fact that we have 100% of our graduates get accepted into college (even Ivy League Schools).  I could have talked about dual enrollment, AP courses, athletics, drama, and art.  And while all these things are good, it isn’t the answer. The real answer is this:

As a parent I am tasked by our Lord with one responsibility regarding my child; “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”  -Prov 22:6 

In the book of Deuteronomy, I see that I am, as a father, to teach my children while I am going about my day; “And thou shalt teach them (Statutes/Biblical Truths) diligently unto thy children, and shalt talk of them when thou sittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way, and when thou liest down, and when thourisest up.”  Another way to say this is to say that I am to show, not tell.  I am to model for my kids what a believer and follower of our Lord Jesus Christ looks like, acts like, speaks like.  And if I am to model for them these things, then they need to be in my presence.  However, even working at a school where my children attend, it becomes difficult to keep our kids in our presence to allow them to see me, watch me, and learn from me as I talk, sit, walk, lie down, and rise-up. So, I am responsible for sending them to a place that will hold close to the “statutes” that I am teaching at home. 

That place where I send my kids must do things in a manner that would Glorify God, keep Christ as the center of everything, strive for excellence (academic, athletic, etc.), as well as provide that safe, nurturing, and fulfilling environment where they can thrive.  That place must teach them how to handle the diversities of life, the diffusion of influences, and the strains of growing up in this day-and-age.  That place must have adults (teachers), who lead…not just teach, who will discipline…not just point out faults, failures, and rules, and who will love…not just when it is convenient.  I want that place to do right.  I want that place to do it’s best.  I want that place to rely on God and put Him at the very center of all that they do; to model it, to teach it, and to exemplify it.  With that, I require top academics to be taught, a rigorous course load that will prepare them for the school they are called to and the career in which they are led to have, and an environment that will challenge them to think critically. 

We hold ourselves in our home to a high standard (not a perfect standard).  I refuse to water down that standard for the sake of an education, or the lack of the right environment.  Is there a school that can provide such a tall order? In February, I will write a check for enrollment fees for both of my boys.  Is it a financial stretch?  Yes.  Is it worth it?  I would work two jobs and never sleep to send them here.  Why?  Because here they can learn, they can fail, they can rise, and they can grow.  Here they can excel!  Here they can achieve! Here, they can belong! And most importantly, here, they will have the continuity of a Christ-like environment, Christ-like teachers, and classmates (faults and all) …just as they would at home. And like at home, they can learn how to respond, grow, and work as a Christian should, and with a Biblical perspective.   And they get a top-notch, excellent education to go along with it.  It is indeed a tall order.  But for me, it’s a no brainer!

As a parent and also the Head of School, I have chosen, and continue to choose, LKNC to partner with me as I “train up my sons.”