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Learning Accommodations

Learning Accommodations


Lake Norman Christian School considers student applicants with learning disabilities on a case by case basis, but does not offer formal special education services. LKNC provides instruction for average-to-above learners who can develop within the regular classroom. Our goal is to accept students who will flourish to the extent of their capabilities. In our academic setting, experience has shown that a student with one or two learning disabilities (such as ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia and mild autism) is able to grow and flourish at LKNC because of intrinsic motivation and abilities together with our gifted and caring teachers, small class sizes, and nurturing environment. LKNC does not offer support for students with severe disabilities.


Lake Norman Christian School does not provide a formal remediation program, but can provide information about remedial supports.


LKNC does not provide academic modifications as specified in professionally-designed individualized education plans (IEP).


LKNC may provide the following accommodations for students with current professional diagnoses for learning disabilities—I.E.P., 504, other professional comprehensive educational assessment:
• Additional time to complete work
• A brief rest break during the class period
• Alternative organization strategies
• Use of a calculator for math
• Use of a laptop or tablet for note taking
• Special seating to minimize distractions
• Smaller testing area to minimize distractions
• Adjust grading on penmanship
• Write answers in test booklets


Lake Norman Christian School requires that a student be tested at the Davidson Center (or comparable agency) for the following reasons:

• The applicant has not visited the classroom (shadowed) to be observed by a teacher during the application process
• The applicant has an IEP, 504, or other professional educational assessment that is older than 12 months
• The applicant cannot provide sufficient academic data for proper evaluation
• The applicant presents composite grades below a 2.0 GPA average, or grades in Math and Language Arts below a 2.0 GPA [C grade]
• A new applicant entering the 6th grade
• Any student at the request of the administration