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High School Online Courses

High School Online Courses

The 2017-2018 Secondary Schedule contains a comprehensive class schedule for grades 6-12 plus a per-grade-level rendering of the comprehensive schedule.

LKNC partners with Educere to provide a range of online courses for high school students. All courses are available at a reasonable cost for students who wish to enhance their learning or recover credit. Summer school courses are offered on-line and supported by school staff.

Credit recovery courses are available in many subjects. Failing grade courses can be repeated online and are adjusted in length to allow the student to gain a higher grade without repeating information already mastered. High school students who are not satisfied with a grade earned in a live-instruction course may take an online credit recovery course if available for that subject.

Educere also offers AP online courses.

Students pay for their own courses. LKNC will pay for courses only in the following cases:
• One college-required high school course during the junior or senior year that will enhance a college-ready transcript
• A course necessary for graduation that is not provided through the LKNC standard live-instruction course schedule