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Honors and College Coursework

Honors and College Coursework

LKNC encourages, but does not require college-bound upper school students to pursue Honors courses as available, Advanced Placement courses (AP), College Level Examination Program courses (CLEP), and college level courses.

Honors Level Courses

Honors level courses are available in High School to any qualified students and in Middle School for exceptional students.

Dual Enrollment

We offer the privilege of dual enrollment to qualifying high school juniors and seniors. Students are permitted to attend classes during regular school hours, evenings or summer vacation, depending on the course of study. There is no additional tuition cost required by LKNC for students taking advantage of dual enrollment at local colleges, although tuition, book fees, and other costs may apply from the college. A supervising fee may be charged if the student is not enrolled full-time, but is taking an online college course in our facility. All college courses must correspond to high school credit requirements and present a B-grade equivalent to be accepted by LKNC for high school transfer credit.

Online Courses - Including Advanced Placement (AP)

We have partnered with Sevenstar Academy to provide online courses for grades 6-12. Sevenstar offers 90 full-credit courses including Advance Placement, is fully accredited by AdvancEd, and provides Biblical integration. All online courses must be approved by administration and are generally not permitted as a substitute for courses offered in an LKNC classroom. Students must earn at least a 2.0 GPA for the credit to appear on the LKNC transcript. Students may enroll in Sevenstar for the following reasons:

  • Advanced Placement courses
  • Credit recovery
  • A needed course that cannot be accommodated in the regular schedule
  • Summer school elective course
  • College dual-enrollment courses

Honor Society Membership

For many students, selection as a member of the National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) or the National Honor Society (NHS) is the pinnacle of their achievements in school. Selection for Honor Society is a privilege, not a right. These special organizations recognize exceptional students who embody the cardinal qualities of character, scholarship (must maintain a minimum 3.0 G.P.A.), leadership, service, and citizenship. Students are nominated by staff and then selected by the Honor Society Committee composed of staff members. The selection process is based on the standards of each national society.