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Student Clubs

Student Clubs

As a young school (founded in 2008), LKNC's student clubs are in the early stages of growth.  An advantage of this is that we are eager to sponsor new clubs as interest arises.  Parents, teachers, and students are invited and encouraged to propose and sponsor new clubs at LKNC.  Our established clubs are listed and described below.

Run Club

Our Cross Country coach leads Run Club during the year to keep us moving.  Everyone, all students and all families, are invited to come to Run Club.  You don't need to be a runner, but you must want to run (or you must want to build up to being able to run).  Participants in Run Club are invited to participate also in local races throughout the year, but it is certainly not required.

Chess Club

Chess Club is fun and challenging for those who enjoy this classic game of strategy.  Chess Club, led by a teacher and board member, is a time to learn how to play chess (beginners are encouraged to join chess club), to connect with students and adults over a game of strategy, and a time to mature in sportsmanship, courtesy, and strategy.

Student Council

The student government is designed to teach fundamental leadership qualities and skills in the context of the U.S. governmental system.  In an effort to help each high school student build an attractive college portfolio and transcript, LKNC involves all students in middle and high schools.  The high school comprises the Senate and the middle school the House of Representatives.  The President and Vice President are elected from the high school.  The school board is the Supreme Court.  All upper school students who are dedicated to bettering LKNC are supported and guided by a faculty sponsor who attends and supports the congressional sessions.  Students develop in servant-leadership, responsibility, public speaking, constructive debate, creativity tempered by practicality, and respect and obedience for authority.  Students generate bills and propose amendments to the existing Parent and Student Handbook and address the concerns of students at LKNC.  


Students work hard all year (and summer) to gather, create, and format content for LKNC's annual yearbook.  Yearbook requires so many hours and such commitment that we have created an elective class so that students can earn transcript credit.  It is offered to our High School students.  

National Honor Society

Students may participate in National Honor Societies.  Read more.